BBD Bursaries Programme for South Africans

1 year ago

The BBD Bursaries Programme for South Africans will bring a fresh air for those who want to expand their current qualifications as well as their grade. We have gathered all information that you really need on this article. Just read them all below.

About Company

BBD is a company headquartered Johannesburg. It was established in 1984. Today, the company owns about 600 employees, including application designers, software developers, system architects, digital strategies and tech-trend enthusiasts. The company is also available in several countries such as Pretoria and Cape Town, India, and Bulgaria. As you can see, the company focuses on software and application development services. The company uses a research and development team that trains and guides the enthusiasts who want to catch up with the current trend of technology, tools and framework through their BBD Bursaries Programme for South Africans. BBD keeps evolving on their ways to develop the applications, programs, and systems in order to create innovative software solutions to their clients and situations. For your information, their main way to treat the clients is to deliver some benefits on their businesses. Thus, there will be a mutual benefit between BBD and clients.

Job Descriptions

The BBD Bursaries Programme for South Africans aims the students with their talents and skills in IT (Information Technology). The students are going to be selected through their skills and experience. That is the reason why the bursary is only for those who want to take a career path in software development. The applicants are expected to provide academic merit and financial need in order to be selected by the company. Here are some studies that are eligible to join the bursaries as follow:

  • Computer Science,
  • Computer & Software Engineering,
  • Information Technology,
  • Informatics

Those majors can be taken at Bachelors/ Honours/ Masters/ Doctorate level to apply.

Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements of the BBD Bursaries Programme for South Africans that you must undertake and provide in your application are as follow:

  • A South African citizen
  • Studying or preparing to study towards a DEGREE in IT at a recognised South African University? (Computer Science, Computer & Software Engineering, Information Technology, Informatics)
  • Have a minimum overall academic average of 70%
  • Have a passionate about creating and building software
  • Skilled in terms of written & verbal communication

How to Apply

Please submit your application on this following link. The bursary requires some documents of yours, namely:

  • Your updated CV
  • Copy of your ID
  • Copy of your latest transcripts, your Matric certificate or latest results

You have to know that this position requires the host institution to find some credit and criminal report from a registered credit bureau and/or SAPS in order to verify your educational qualifications as well as the employment history. This bursary needs your trust and honesty. One more thing is the deadline or closing date of the bursary. It ends on 15 December 2017. Be sure that you didn’t make any submission after the deadline because it won’t be considered or accepted by the company. Wish you luck with your career and this BBD Bursaries Programme for South Africans.


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