Department of Rural Development and Human Resource Officer

8 months ago

We have another vacancy from the Department of Rural Development and Human Resource Officer. It is only looking for candidates from grade 12. If you want to know deeper more about the human resource officer, check out the details of the vacancy below.

Job Descriptions

The vacancy is asked and offered by the Office of the Registrar of Deeds. The host institution offers the salary of R152 862 per year or a level 5 category in South Africa. The job incumbent must work and live in Johannesburg. First of all, you have to read these minimum requirements before anything because it is so important to ensure you a place in the vacancy. They are as follow:

  • The candidates who want to apply the vacancy have to provide a grade-12 certificate.
  • The vacancy doesn’t require any experience for the candidates
  • The candidates must know some basic knowledge in capturing data, registry duties, and operating computer.
  • The candidates must understand ad learn about the legislative framework governing the Public Service
  • The candidates must have some knowledge of storage and retrieval procedures in terms of the working environment
  • The candidates must understand how to work in registry environment
  • The candidates must know how to operate computer especially MS Office
  • The candidates must have planning and organization abilities
  • The candidates must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • The candidates must have interpersonal abilities
  • The candidates must be able to work under pressure
  • The candidates must have to meet certain deadlines

Job Duties

Of course, you also need to read the job duties of the Department of Rural Development and Human Resource Officer. It allows you to understand the human resource officer duties at the office. They are as follow:

  • Apply human resources administration practices on a daily basis
  • Do some activities in regard to conduct recruitment and selection such as advertisement, transfer, verification of qualifications, appointments, interviews, probationary periods, absorptions, and many more.
  • Apply conditions of services such as housing, medical, leave, housing, long service recognition, injury on duty, relocation, pension, PILIR and many more.
  • Demonstrate good management and termination of services
  • Deal with human resources administration enquiries.

How to Apply

If you are interested to join the Department of Rural Development and Human Resource Officer, you must be lucky because you shouldn’t forward your application to certain address. Instead, you just need to send your application via E-recruitment website offered by the Department of Rural Developments. Send your application through this following link. For your information, the Department sets up some preference to Indian, White Males, African, White Females and people with disabilities. Although you aren’t one of those groups, you can still apply the application through the given link above. In order to limit the numbers of applicants, the Department also sets up a closing date for the application process. The applicants can’t send their application after 16 March 2018. The schedule is tight. You have to be fast in sending your application in order to avoid late application. Hope you guys can be a successful candidate of Department of Rural Development and Human Resource Officer.

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