Genesis Analytics Bursary for South Africans 2017 – 2018

12 months ago

We have some good news from the Genesis Analytics Bursary for South Africans today. You can send your application through the given method. We also have some eligibility criteria of the candidates who want to join the bursary below.

 About Company

The host institution of the bursary is Genesis Analytics. For you information, it was established in 1998. The main goal of the company is to be a specialist microeconomics consultancy firm in South Africa and became the first one, too. If you don’t know what microeconomics is, it is a field of study concerned in labour, product and capital markets. It uses the analytical capabilities in order to enable the value of the clients’ business. It also helps the clients to improve their decision-making process.

Job Descriptions

The aim of the Genesis Analytics Bursary for South Africans is to ensure that the host institution provides and helps disadvantaged students who can’t pursue their postgraduate degree in Economics. The awards of the bursary are given for the students who are studying in a postgraduate degree in Economics. The last year students of the undergraduate program are also welcomed as well as those who have already in a postgraduate programme. In the end of the study, the students will have an offer to join a full-time employment at Genesis Analytics.

Eligibility Criteria

The bursary selects the eligible candidates of Genesis Analytics Bursary for South Africans with some criteria as follow:

  • South African citizen
  • Previously disadvantaged student
  • Studying in the aforementioned field of study (in the last year of undergraduate degree or in postgraduate degree)
  • Achieved a minimum average of 65% throughout undergraduate and postgraduate studies
  • Eligible to apply to study towards a Honours or Master’s degree in Economics/ Polotics and Economics (PPE)/ Philosophy in the upcoming year at a recognised university (within the country or internationally)

 How to Apply

You must send your application of the Genesis Analytics Bursary for South Africans by clicking on this following link. Some documentation must be included in the application, too. Without further do, here are the documents that you must include as follow:

  • ID document (certified copy)
  • Full Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivational letter explaining why you should be awarded the bursary
  • Full academic record/ transcripts (certified copies)
  • Assignment from the current academic year

We also have the procedures of the selection process here as follow:

1) Applicants will be screen against the aforementioned eligibility criteria

2) Applicants who pass the eligibility criteria test will take part in an online technical case study

3) Applicants will then go on to take part in an online and face-to-face psychometric assessment

4) Applicants will then be required to attend an interview

5) Applicants will then be ratified by the Genesis Trustees

6) The bursary is then confirmed and awarded to the successful candidates

(This assessment takes place in July and August each year, during the Graduate Recruitment process)

There is no closing date for the Genesis Analytics Bursary for South Africans. In other words, it is open throughout the year. You can use this chance to enhance your qualification and get better job in the field.

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