Lancet Laboratories Vacancy for Payroll Administrator

10 months ago

You will never have the same opportunity offered by Lancet Laboratories vacancy for payroll administrator. You must be eligible applicants in order to proceed to the next selection process. We have gotten all information of the vacancy below.

About Company

Lancet Laboratories is a leading laboratory facility, providing a Pathology service. Its main goal is to provide Pathology without border. The company owns modern science technologies to bring its service for both doctors and patients. Lancet Laboratories can be found in several countries in Africa such as Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, and many more including South Africa. The company commits to improve their quality of service. It is proven by a lot of accreditation authorities. It has been accredited by KENAS, SADCAS and SANAS. In addition, the ISO 9001 has been certified on its central support functions in getting the customer’s satisfaction.

Job Descriptions

The Lancet Laboratories vacancy for payroll administrator will be closed by December 27th, 2017. The job position requires a main responsibility to work in a highly regulated environment. The job incumbent must follow clear instructions and procedures as payroll administrator. Without further ado, check out the minimum requirements of the vacancy as follow:

  • Grade 12
  • Payroll certificate/diploma advantageous
  • 2-3 Yrs Relevant Working Experience
  • Adherence to stringent deadlines in terms of completing and concluding payroll processes.
  • Minimizing risk of error.
  • Keeping abreast of changes (policies, legislation, etc.)
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Crisis and conflict resolution.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Dealing with “peaks’ and “lows” i.t.o. work volume and pressure.
  • Maintaining constructive internal work relations within Human Resources Department and between various sections to ensure efficient execution of procedures.

Key Responsibilities

In order to provide better insight, the Lancet Laboratories vacancy for payroll administrator provides some key responsibilities for the applicants who want to submit their application as follow:

  • Receives and captures weekly and monthly salary inputs to ensure that lawful and accurate deductions and payments are made to employees
  • Forwards captured hard copy documents to Human Resources support division for scanning purposes in accordance with relevant standard operating procedures.
  • Captures new appointments, promotions, terminations, other remuneration benefits, and garnishee orders in accordance with standard operating procedures to ensure that all transactions are up to date before the close of payroll for a particular month.
  • Prints and sorts salary advice slips to ensure timeous distribution to employees monthly.
  • Prints and sorts IRP5’s on annual basis to ensure compliance to relevant legislation and timeous distribution to employees.
  • Handles payroll related queries telephonically and via e-mail and HR system (e.g. reprints of payslips, personal detail changes, maternity leave matters and garnishee and medical aid queries) to resolve queries effectively and ensure correctness of employee information on the payroll

How to Apply

The Lancet Laboratories vacancy for payroll administrator asks you as the candidates to submit their application via electronic-mail. You must also attach the required documents as follow:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of ID document
  • Copy of Matric certificate
  • Copy of Relevant Certificates
  • Valid Tax registration number

Send your application to before the closing date on December 27th, 2017. For better details, check out the official site here.


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