Neotel Vacancy as Administrator Sales 2017

1 year ago

Join to Neotel through its vacancy for administrator sales. The company doesn’t seem offer a difficult requirement because it looks for grade-12 graduates only. What are you waiting for? Create your application and send it via online application.

About Neotel

Neotel Vacancy

Neotel Vacancy

This company is previously called the second national operator in South Africa. Its name is SNO Telecommunications. Then, it was changed to be Neotel (Pty) Ltd. The company was established on 31 August 2006. The main head office is in Kyalami in northern Johannesburg. For your information, this company becomes the first direct telecommunications competitor in the country. The main rival is Telkom. The business services have been starting since 15 November 2007. The consumer services followed a year later in May 2008. It would be a good chance to join them as one of large telecommunications company in South Africa.

Job Description

Neotel looks for a position as administrator sales based on the reference number A06695. The applications are accepted until 21 June 2017. There is only one position available currently. It means your competition is tough in regard to how many graduates of grade 12 in the country right now. The main location for the job vacancy is in Johannesburg. This vacancy is offered in order to provide administrative and back office support especially at the Sales team. Thus, the company sales activities can be coordinated and tracked properly within the different departments. We assume that this opportunity is a big one so that we don’t necessarily give you some reasons why you must take your documentations and send it via internet.

Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements of Neotel vacancy as administrator as follow:

  • Grade 12
  • Recognised Administration Diploma
  • Organization
  • Task Management
  • Communication
  • Client Service
  • Able to use Microsoft Office Suite
  • High level of attention to detail.
  • Good administrative and business acumen.

Job Duties

To understand more about the job from Neotel as administrator sales, it is important for the candidates to read the job duties of the job. Luckily, we made it here.

Data management duties as follow:

  • Assist new KAMs with SFDC navigation.
  • Assist with Account Creations (limited to 2 individuals)
  • Assist with SOS Queries (limited to 2 individuals)
  • Sales Admin Staff will not liaise directly with Customers

Maintain accurate record keeping as follow:

  • Coordination of all contracts and documentation within sphere of control to ensure that department record keeping is up to date.
  • Ensure that SLA within sphere of control are maintained effectively.

Provide administrative support to the Sales department as follow:

  • Follow through of orders and provide status updates to KAM
  • Submit and manage Cession documentation and Cession System Process
  • Resolving complaints with respect to order implementation before escalation occurs.
  • Request Bulk Feasibilities and assist in any formatting requirements
  • Log Geographical number porting and follow up thereof.

You can see the details at the official site.

How to Apply

There are four steps that you must do to send your application to Neotel as follow:

  • Register your account at the official site; and it only takes less than two minutes;
  • Create your curriculum vitae;
  • Search for this job position;
  • Apply the vacancy;

The official link that you must register is at here



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  • sannie matlala June 25, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    good day i would love to work for your company