Oracle Internship Program for Technology Sales Consulting Intern

11 months ago

This is your chance to join the Oracle internship program for technology sales consulting intern. You can expand your skills and knowledge as well as getting paid by the company if you are selected. Read the details how to be selected by Oracle below.

 About Company

Oracle owns the largest suite enterprise class cloud applications (SaaS), platform technologies (PaaS) and Infrastructure Services (IaaS) in order to bring the world-class and sophisticated data centers all over the world. The company provides conscious environment both for the internal teams and customers. The main concern is to bring their full potential with training and development programs so the teams can expand their skills and knowledge for the world’s challenges these days. Basically, the company is a leading company in the digital transformation. It keeps providing some training programs for the customers and internal teams so that they can extend their businesses.

The primary goal of the Oracle internship program for technology sales consulting intern is to hiring Top Talent in our Internship Program and to developing and mentoring individuals to meet their potential and reach their career goals.  Only dynamic, high performing candidates can join the scholarship as well as having a good passion in technology. The successful candidates are going to work in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is only temporary vacancy for you, meaning that the deadline can be closed a week after it was posted.

Minimum Requirements

Of course, the Oracle internship program for technology sales consulting intern requires eligible candidates who want to join. But, they need to meet the minimum requirements firstly. They are as follow:

  • Bachelor’s degree- Bachelor of Science – Information Technology
  • Must be a fresh graduate
  • Fluent level of English
  • Proven ability to effectively communicate, both written and verbally
  • A high level of energy, drive, enthusiasm, commitment, self-belief and achievement-orientation.
  • A good mix of analysis, problem identification, solving and persuasion skills

 Job Duties

In order to know deeper about the job descriptions of the Oracle internship program for technology sales consulting intern, the company also provides some duties for the applicants. These job duties are based on the Fair Labor Standards Act. They are as follow:

  • Actively develop a depth of product knowledge in the designated Oracle Cloud range – PaaS, IaaS and DBaaS
  • Shadowing your team and specified groups in order to increase experience and knowledge.
  • Develop awareness of all relevant competitive products on the market
  • Learn the skills of understanding the needs and pains of the customer in order to link them to a set of products/solutions provided by Oracle
  • Learn to effectively deliver product demos and presentations
  • Learn how to deliver high-quality standard Oracle presentations and demonstrations.
  • Learn how to present and articulate Oracle products’ strengths relative to competitors’.

  How to Apply

Please conduct an online application on the official website of the Oracle internship program for technology sales consulting intern. You can click on this link to access the internship. There is no closing date announced by the company. In other words, you have to send your application as soon as possible when you read this internship.






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