PSG Honours Bursary Programme for South Africans 2018

1 year ago

You must know that the PSG Honours Bursary Programme for South Africans is already ongoing. In other words, the applicants who want to apply can take this moment to submit the application. We have collected everything you need to know below.

About Company

PSG is a financial services group, which also provides some bursaries for South Africans. Uniquely, the company has an extensive national footprint and both a Namibian and Mauritian presence in the company. It started the operation a financial group in 1998. The main operation is to offer a value-orientated approach to the clients who want to overcome their financial needs. It ranges from asset and wealth management to insurance services. The company operates about 200 offices throughout South Africa. As stated earlier, PSG also has an office in Namibia and Mauritius. Basically, there are three operating divisions of PSG, namely PSG Wealth, PSG Asset Management and PSG Insure. All divisions provide the core of the company’s goals.

PSG Wealth concerns with management services for all segments like individuals, family or business. The main system uses online trading and investment platform that helps you to trade directly. PSG Asset Management concerns with investment management services for companies and long-term retail and institutional investors. Lastly, PSG Insure focuses on providing insurance services with full-range and short-term insurance products.

Job Descriptions

This PSG Honours Bursary Programme for South Africans program is hosted and funded by PSG Management Services (Pty) Ltd. The company would like to contribute through the growth, development and empowerment of youth in the country, South Africa. The primary goal of the bursary programme is to facilitate the young talent who are interested in the financial services industry. There are some benefits that you can obtain as the eligible candidates of the programme. They are as follow:

  • Financial assistance regarding your post-graduate programme (Tuition, textbooks etc)
  • Entry to the Graduate programme the following year.
  • Continuous coaching, mentoring and on-the-job training
  • Work exposure within the financial services industry.

Minimum Requirements

Some requirements are offered by the PSG Honours Bursary Programme for South Africans in order to select the candidates. They are as follow:

  • Be South African Citizens
  • Degree in one of the following disciplines:
  • Science (Applied Chemistry, Physics, Actuarial Science)
  • IT (Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science, Informatics, Project Management,
  • Software Development, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence)
  • Engineering (Chemical Engineering, Electrical, Electronic and Computer, Mechanical, Industrial)
  • Math/Stats (Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences, Statistics)
  • Average of 65% and above.

The company also provides the required personal attributes of the candidates. They are s follow:

  • Ambitious & looking to advance in their career within the financial services industry
  • Energetic with a solution oriented attitude
  • Good at working in a team
  • Able to remain calm under pressure
  • Resilient
  • Attention to detail

How to Apply

If you want to apply the PSG Honours Bursary Programme for South Africans, you should conduct an online application process. It means that you must send an online application process through this following link. It is expected that the candidates didn’t send late application. The due date of the bursary is no later than 30 November 2017.


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