Shoprite Bursary Pharmacy for South Africans 2017

1 year ago

You should check this Shoprite bursary pharmacy for South Africans who really need a programme that can enhance their current qualification. Don’t be lazy to read the description about this bursary below. Please take a note about the requirements of the programme.

About Company

Shoprite Bursary Pharmacy

Shoprite Bursary Pharmacy

Shoprite is a company that has been involved both locally and internationally. The international group is headquartered in New Jersey, while the local group is based in South Africa. It has been over forty years for Shoprite to bring lower prices retail in the country, and it also becomes the base foundation of them to be the best retail all over the world. In Africa, the company concerns with food retailer sectors. They claim that there are more than five hundred outlets and twenty two million shoppers that have been served by Shoprite in South Africa. They offer a various numbers of food products, household goods, and small appliances at the reasonable and cheap prices.

Every day, we deal with household goods and essentials. They are accessed via modern shopping method like internet and online website. Shoprite already provides the shoppers with Money Market system so that you don’t have to go bank or ATM anymore to pay your tickets, books, accounts and many more. This includes LiquorShop and MediRite Pharmacy that are also the outlets of the company. Thanks to the company because it also provides many job creation among South Africans. Although we live in a very hard economic time, Shoprite struggles to avoid job losses in the country. They claims about 130 000 employees who work with it at the moment. This Shoprite bursary pharmacy for South Africans is one of their programmes of avoiding job losses.

Job Description

The Shoprite bursary pharmacy for South Africans is offered by BPharm department. It focuses on training the candidates who have been interested in pharmacy sector. This year, the company opens thirty positions of South Africa’s candidates who are willing to learn and work in South Africa. It is a Pharmaceutical job category.

As South Africa’s largest retailer, the company is able to provide a lifetime career for you. It will be very beneficial because you will experience a various range of brands and be a part of a special company. According to the site, the main goal of the bursary is to encourage talented Pharmacy individuals who would like to be involved in the Retail industry. All students in first, second, third and even fourth years are eligible to submit their application. Without further ado, here are the minimum requirements of the Shoprite bursary pharmacy for South Africans as follow:

  • Grade 12 with an average of 70% + or
  • A Bachelors in Pharmacy qualification with an average of 60% + .

How to Apply

Please click on here to visit the official application form and instructions that the candidates must proceed to the Shoprite bursary pharmacy for South Africans. The closing date is no later than 30 September 2017. If you sent the application after the closing date, it would be disadvantageous for you. So, it is essential to take a note on the deadline.


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