South32 Operator Sampling Vacancy in Mining Sector

1 year ago

South32 opens a job vacancy as operator sampling currently. After we have announced one of the company’s learnership, it is time to give you some fresh job that only requires senior or grade 12 qualifications. Without further ado, let’s check what the requirements are below.

About Company

South32 Operator Sampling Vacancy

South32 Operator Sampling Vacancy

South32 is actually home-based in Perth, Western Australia. But, this company also expands their facilities especially in mining coal and metal in several cities in South Africa. This company is one of leading mining coal and metal companies in the world. It would be such a pleasure and honor to join them in the mining sector. For your information, the company becomes a major producer of commodity metals and coals. Their current facilities are situated in Australia and South Africa. What they are mining are such as aluminum, zinc, lead, nickel, thermal coat, coking coal and many more.

Job Description

South32 looks for a position as operator sampling this month. The type of work is full time and permanent. Unfortunately, they don’t mention anything about the annual salary that the successful candidate will receive. We have found some companies in the same sector pay the same position around $18.55 per hour or $44641 annually. You can simply convert it to the South African Rand and it is not a small amount of money obviously. This job focuses on collecting and preparing ore samples safely at the best quality requirements. For your information, the main location of this job will be located in Hotazel, South Africa.

Minimum Requirements

Let’s see the minimum requirements of the South32 job vacancy. The company looks for a candidate who owns:

  • Serious motivation and passion
  • Grade 12 certificate with Maths
  • At least one year sampling and grade control experience especially in a mining or similar environment
  • If you hold a certificate in Basic Sampling, it may give more advantages


As an operator sampling in South32, there are some core responsibilities that the successful candidate must fulfill. They are as follow:

  • Must collect infill samples into a sample bag
  • Mark all sample bags with identification tags
  • Store all sample bags in the required and safe place while looking forward the transportation
  • Bring the samples to the sampling processing facility
  • Collect the samples in order to determine whether or not they are the content of the mineral
  • Be able to set up the samples for assaying purposes
  • Decide and note the physical properties of the materials and the particle size analysis
  • Tag the samples before forwarding to the laboratory

Those duties are the general duties of operator sampling. Since the company concerns with mining coal and metal, these kinds of duties become the main work of the successful candidate. Make sure you have known the basic knowledge of them as proved by your certificates and documents.

How to Apply

Luckily, South32 provides easiest way for the candidates who want to apply the job vacancy. It is by clicking at here. You shouldn’t need to worry when sending the application because all process is done via the Internet. You just need to scan and upload required documents to the link.

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