Student Brands Bursary Giveaway 2018

5 months ago
Student Brands Bursary Giveaway 2018

If you are looking for a bursary, here’s one for you today. Student Brands Bursary Giveaway 2018 is open for application to all. Fill out the form below and refer your friends to get more points.

How to get the Student Brands Bursary Giveaway 2018

This bursary opportunity give you a chance to win R 15000. Apply at the link given below.Student Brands Bursary Giveaway 2018

Last date to apply is 30th June 2018. Hurry!

Apply Here

About Student Brands:

From the website, ” young, innovative team¬†with new and exciting ideas are the heart and soul of Student Brands. We are enthusiastic about our company and are always looking for new networking opportunities, we approach every business deal with our utmost dedication, attention and capabilities. We Do things The Student Brands Way.”

Student Brands strives to be the leading student portal, firstly in Southern Africa and then the world. It’s aim is to give students across the country the necessary resources, support and opportunities to excel in the competitive world of business.

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